Who we are

The Central London Alliance, a Community Interest Company, was formed to support a sustainable, economic recovery of London’s business, hospitality, cultural, tourism, and retail sectors and to help both employers and workers to survive through coronavirus and beyond. Politically agnostic and supported by organisations of varying sizes and sectors, the Central London Alliance works towards a safe and strong economic recovery of central London, ensuring its continued viability as a leading global city. 

When London prospers, so does the rest of the UK. The centre of London on its own

Generates £211 billion GVA

Employs 1.9 million people

Contributes £4.6 billion in business rates, funding the delivery of public services across the country

And London has been recognised, on many international rankings, as a leading global player.

Right now, London’s status as a global city, continuing to generate economic surplus, is at acute risk, and any complacency cannot be afforded. The current pandemic has shed light on the challenges global cities face and now is the time to step up.

Central London Alliance was created by senior London business leaders with the belief that by harnessing business assets - leadership, insight, connections, research, knowledge, experience, advocacy, marketing power and employee base, it can drive positive change. The CLA operates as a business campaigning force, with thousands of members, and is uniquely placed to champion the city.

For central London to survive and recover from the pandemic, it must draw people in. From Londoners, to Europeans and visitors from across the globe, people must be reminded of why the city is beacon. It must be clearly articulated that it is the best place in the world to live, visit, invest and work in. London needs to return to being the world’s greatest business hub, innovating and growing, with the central activity zone restored to its position as an economic powerhouse supporting recovery across the UK.

With our partners, supporters and advocates - and the millions of people working for them in London – CLA is pursuing an agenda that will keep London at the forefront of global business; ensuring success for London and for the whole UK.

We will deliver through:

  • Targeted recommendations for central London businesses
  • Support and guidance for the business community and their workers
  • Campaigns to boost consumer confidence.

Targeted recommendations for central London businesses

Central London requires bespoke recovery policies including both broad systemic and carefully targeted sectoral support necessary for the centre of London to thrive in the future.

The CLA continues to identify practical business-led solutions, raises awareness, serves its members and celebrates London.

The CLA has developed and strengthened an extensive network of the right people to assist in achieving its ambitions - from business collectives, local authorities, trade associations, business leaders and industry experts to journalists and politicians/ policymakers at all levels.

The CLA aims to deliver short-term, quick wins with longer-term, large scale solutions. Recognising the need to be agile, it continually scans the horizon to identify and predict change; responding as required to deliver the CLA mission and developing swift reactions to developments that affect London and Londoners.

Support and guidance for the business community

Business is a force for good in London - creating jobs, paying taxes and driving economic growth.

At this time, London businesses need support to survive through the current pandemic and to assist recovery. Through the CLA network, we provide our partners and their associated members with a myriad of exclusive business support initiatives: from matched funded marketing campaigns to HR consultancy services and technology solutions to support employers and employees and to stimulate the safe return to workplace. The CLA works with businesses to identify their needs and source the relevant solutions.

Campaigns to boost consumer confidence

Increasing consumer confidence to return the centre of London is of paramount importance to the success of the capital and its businesses. With our renowned best-in-class media partners, the CLA will launch national, regional and local campaigns to encourage the return of visitors to the capital.

We will continue to adapt and grow our campaign based on timely-data and unique insight to stimulate the footfall and visitors the city and its businesses require.

The CLA will continue to remain dynamic, dialling up existing work or beginning new activities to ensure the sustainable recovery of London’s economy.

Our Board

Our Board is a senior, influential, experienced group of business and thought leaders, recognised in their respective fields. Their role is to guide and advise the organisation, acting as ambassadors and leveraging their networks and experience to increase our impact. 

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Tony Matharu

Founder and Chairman

Central London Alliance, Integrity International Group

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Nadia Perrier


Central London Alliance

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Richard Burge


Central London Alliance

How you can help

If you share our mission and want an opportunity to make a purpose - led, meaningful contribution towards London’s recovery, we want to hear from you.

We are looking for those who can commit their energy, ideas and expertise and in return will work alongside a network of industry leaders. You will be demonstrating your solidarity with those hardest hit industries and workers, aligning with the city’s collective response and enabling London to survive and thrive.

To find out more, register your interest today.