London Moving Forwards – A conversation with Andy Byford, Commissioner of TfL

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London Moving Forwards – A conversation with Andy Byford, Commissioner of TfL

An effective public transport system that is affordable, sustainable, safe, and keeps Central London flowing is essential to the economic recovery of the Central Activity Zone, and sustaining its global competitiveness beyond the pandemic. The Central London Alliance supports Transport for London (TfL) in their requests to Government for a long-term sustainable plan for TfL and its financing, and invite you to hear directly from Andy Byford and raise your comments on their Plan.

A modern, securely funded public transport system supporting the operation and growth of Central London is essential for business, tourism and attracting investment. But London is struggling - the current fall in passengers (up to 80% year-on-year) is unsustainable, particularly given TfL's existing funding problems and London’s public transport being more dependent on fare revenue than any major city in the world. The current system of two six-month emergency settlements is unmaintainable and does not give businesses certainty, the ability to plan, nor does it help London attract overseas capital. It is vital that a minimum 12 months funding deal together with a long-term settlement is agreed with Transport for London, and investment in London’s transport network is treated as a solution to recovery, rather than an impediment to national growth.

Transport for London has submitted their Financial Stability Plan to the Government, the Plan outlines the need for £3.1bn in funding from Government to support TfL for the financial year 2021/22, and £1.6bn in capital investment through 2030 to allow TfL to continue to invest and upgrade the existing network. The Government needs to work with TfL to reach a deal that works in the interests of London’s people and businesses as soon as possible. The Central London Alliance are giving our members a chance to hear directly from the Commissioner of Transport for London and ask questions regarding the long- term financial plans to sustain a world-class transport system for London.


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Wednesday 24th Feb
09:00 -09:55

Welcome by your host Richard Burge, Chief Executive of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Board Member of the Central London Alliance.

Introduction from Andy Byford

Andy Byford will introduce TfL’s Financial Sustainability Plan and his vision for TfL


Andy Byford

Commissioner for Transport for London
10:00 - 10:55
10:00 AM General Discussion

Welcome by your host Richard Burge, Chief Executive of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Board Member of the Central London Alliance.


Andy Byford

Commissioner for Transport for London
Panel discussion with Andy and the CLA Board

The CLA Board Members will ask questions and engage in a discussion with Andy around TfL’s financial asks and their plans to encourage passenger confidence and attracting back a reluctant market.

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Richard Burge

Chief Executive, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Tony Matharu

Chairman,  Integrity International Group


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Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021

9:00 AM to 11:00 AM GMT


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